Thursday, February 5, 2015

FI Sing K night

My overdue entry. Picture above: my colleagous, all very cute. Friendship is what make me happy to work in my current company. The working environment that made you happy and people around that made you happy are the main causes I stayed in this company. Somehow this can't buy through money. I'm not stupid, living in society needs money. I know. But life is such cruel. You have to scarify and choose.  At this moment, I'm not choosing money. Imagine your work made you stressful, in office 8 hours and if you OT, it's actually more than 8 hours a day. You facing those suck person and show you their annoying face. You still can work happily? 

We are not robot which can work non stop for hours. It is great when you work for a period and then you can talk with your colleagues and laugh and continue your work. So, I forever cannot understand why some company has the culture, can't talk during working hours. As long as can finish my work, I think it's okay. True? 

I'm not supposed to complain in this post. I'm here to show picture. Haha. You need friends that make you laugh and do crazy thing together. :) 
With my pretty colleagues. I love 她的笑声。
Yeah, stay with the one you want to.

All photo taken during our FI division sing K night at CEO. 300115.

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