Monday, March 17, 2014

My life experience

I know i am lucky enough as i didn't get hurt. Everyone told me, money is not important but yourself. I agreed, but you know, if you are the one who being rob, for sure you will sad right? your hard earn money, just a second, gone! and that person did nothing, just a second, he got your things and you know you will never get your thing back, for sure!

After that, the scene appear again and again in your mind to remind yourself. you started to scare. You know how it feels?  I feels not insecure to live in here.

I don't know what will happened on the robber (2 Malay guy) but i believe what you have done will eventually go back to you. The moment you hurt others, you hurt yourself too. 

I'll let go, but i need some time.  I am glad i have my 3F. Thanks for those care. I will be strong and try to be.

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