Saturday, November 9, 2013

My Birthday

Two days ago was my birthday. In case you don't know, it's 8 November. Thanks all of you whom wished me through face to face, Fb, whatsapp, line, call or others. :)) 

I have early birthday celebration with my family members on 3 November when i went back home. It's a simple birthday dinner with my family members and my grandpa. No picture to show at here. Paiseh. 

On that day, it's working day! :(( ( It seem like birthday jek mah, still have to work. I actually don't have any feel for my birthday. Lol. It's just another normal working Friday. As friday we have 2 hours lunch, so its finally we can escape from having lunch near our office area. We went to 咖啡馆。 I order a set lunch which come with  tomyam fried rice, jasmine tea, soup & ice-cream. Super worth. :D
Tomyam fried rice

Jasmine tea

This lunch treated by my collegous as it's my birthday. Free brithday lunch, thanks to my collegous. :))

At night, i had my birthday dinner at Levain treated by fatty. :) Nice place to chill. The place is well decorated.

I guess it's for bake bread as they sell bread too
bread corner

Front view

I not managed to take picture for their inner decoration. You know why? Because i paiseh, bu hao yi shi as dinner time have lot of people. You can go and explore yourself lo hor. You can download waze and search Levain - Done. It's in KL and very easy to find. They have quite lots of choices from bread - cake - chocolate - macaron - spagetti  to pizza. This is all i know as i am not the one who go to order even i went there for the second time.

fatty's don't what spagetti

my tomyam spagetti
Don't know what juice. It taste like ribena.
My brithday cake - durian cheese and newyork cheese.

Mybuddha, birthday is equal to gain weight day. Haha. But okay la, once in a year mah. :) Thats all for my birthday. Simple but satisfied!


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