Saturday, October 12, 2013

The way how i think

Hi, here is my second post for today. I'm too free, only tonight. And, I miss my blog. A place for my heart to write her story. :)

Current status as a employee. Working life is lifeless? maybe. For me, it's too bored. Contribute all my time in working place, doing the same tasks every months. I am wondering is that what i want for the rest of my life? Although i might not working in the same company for my whole life, but i guess even work in other company, the condition might be same, after i learned new things, master it and eventually it will become a routine works.

The different is whether you like that job or not, yes or no?
If you like it even though you need to OT, feeling tired yet you will work happily and willing to contribute.
If you don't like it, working will become very torturing and productivity is low.  

So far, i still haven't find out a job that i like and willing to put all my time into it. So at this moment,

Think in other way, I feels lucky as -

i am still better than other who need to OT everyday from Monday-Friday
i can handle my tasks and complete it on time.
i can still participate in some sports after work. (company benefit)
i have friendly colleges which i can happily working with 


I feels blessed that I HAVE A JOB! 

Somehow, a bad thing will become a good thing by changing you mind - the way how you think. :)
I am not worry! I am still young. Experience more and slowly found out my interest. 
There is a long way to go. Think it later. :p

Now, i am worrying how should i answer my HOD for my appraisal on next Monday!
 What's my 2014 plan? 
 Any suggestion? I'm not good in planning. I prefers 随缘! Haha, many excuses. 

Okay!!! Let's think for me. Thankyou! :DDD

 Till then.  

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