Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sista's Convocation aka kampar one day trip

My sister's convocation falls on last saturday 19-10-2013. I went back to my hometown after work on Friday. Rain heavily along the journey. It take us 4 hours to reach Ipoh. It's okay as long as we are safe & still alive. :) Once i reached my house, what is in my mind was only my bed. Sitting in car is tiring thingy plus i have been working for the whole day. After bath, i slept on my lovely bed.

Ready to sister's convocation. :D
We went to sister's convocation on the next day. I reached there around 11pm as KTAR only allowed 2 people to go into hall and of cause, these two person were my parents. The place is crowded with people and flowers. I bought my sister a winnie the pooh bear and wait her outside the hall. After 30 minutes, finally she came out and we gave her a bouquet of flower & a pooh. And its mean finally all three of us have graduated. :))) Congrats sis!!!   

Me and the pooh.

Then, we started to take picture. A memorable day must take photo, right? As a evidence of life. The stages that we have gone through. When we are growing old, at least we have some photo to recall back our memory. We took a few picture, but i am not satisfy with the photo see the photo yourself. my eyes can't even open because of the sunlight. 

dad & mom with graduated sis
My brother's gf & me. See my eyes. Duh. *no eyes see*
My brother & sister
Whole family. :)
Three of us. I didn't looked at the camera. :(
To be fair, hehe, my brother turn didn't looked at camera. ;p
Fatty & Me

My sister has many friends lo, you know. After take few pictures with us, she went to take photo with her friends.  
So, i wait her in car.Then, Err...nothing to do mah. I camewhore in the car. Haha.

After my sister done with her photo shooting with her friend, we meet with my parents in "taste good" to have our lunch. That's the end of her convocation. :D

No, no, no. Mine is not end yet because i have booked Vic to have a hair cut. My hair is getting longer and messy. So far, i only visit his hair saloon in kampar. Even i am now in KL, I prefers to go back kampar to cut my hair. Why? Because the price is reasonable & with high quality. It's located at kampar new town, same row with Maybank. It's better if you go there to make an appointment or call them before you go if not you have to wait few hours until your turn. Kindly refers the name card below if you wanna visit this saloon. 

 Since we still have some time, we went to bubblean. White chocolate frap. Done with hair cut, it's time to hunt for foods. (: I miss kampar's food so muchie. So, i had my dinner in kampar- long fong gok & Ghanny. Haha. 

My favorite xiu yuk fan.
Maggie goreng biasa. So far i think Ghanny's maggie goreng is the best!
Not to forget, teh O ice limau.
 Ex-Utarian, do you miss it? I do. That's the end of my kampar one day trip. :DDD

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