Tuesday, October 15, 2013

People around the world

They are all kind of people. Tall, Short, Fat, Slim, Beauty, Ugly & etc. But that's not important. Important is their inner part - heart.

Nowadays, it's not surprise that newspaper title be someone being killed because of....., rape case happen in somewhere, robbery...Living in earth is not safe anymore. When you walked out from your house, what you need to do is be careful and extra careful. Even you are in house, you are not guaranteed safe. How scary to living in such environment worrying what will going to happen next.

"一种米养百种人" I 100% agreed with this sentences. It's true that everyone need to eat in order to survive. But, people who survive in this world, all of them have different personality. Some are good and some are bad. There is a question in my mind, why they are good and why they are bad? What caused those people behave like this and that. 

 Seriously, i can't find out any reason a person could be bad if they don't want to. As you are the one who decide your action and control yourself. Okay, i understand maybe environment, people or family problem cause you went to wrong path but i always believe when you goes wrong, if you put effort to correct it, in the end people will always forgive you. So, please don't give up to be a better person.

When you speak, do you think of the consequences? Do you? Do you think how the person feel and what will happened next? I personally hates people who speak without thinking. They hurt people unintentionally. Then, they act like don't know what they talk which hurt that person. 

Don't do something to hurt people as in the end, you will get hurt too. This is because what you do will eventually come back to you.

 What kind of  person you wanna be, you choose it! Choose wisely!

"Think first and do it later"


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