Thursday, October 31, 2013


In Jalan Pudu.
As you can see from my post title, Kedai Kopi Hock Seng Heng which is a restaurant that operated by few woman which they are siblings. They are not famous in coffee but a type of fish which when i asked my parent they told me it was 松鱼. When i first step in this restaurant, i have no idea why this restaurant could be famous? Why?
  • This is just an old style restaurant, no air condition, no ceiling fan (if i'm not mistaken), environment is not clean (for me, but i still can accept it) and not well renovated.
  • The way they serve their customer which i think it's not focus in customer oriented. In this restaurant, you are customer, you are not the king/queen but they are!
  •  We need to wait at least 1 hours before our turn. Normally it's more than 1 hours.
Honestly, i don't even notice its shop name until today. I went to this restaurant to have my lunch and decided to write about this restaurant only i started to search what is their shop name.Lol. Fyi, i went there more than 10 times. ;P Okay, let's the picture tell the story. When you steps in the shop, you could see almost all the table have this dishes of fish.

I personally not in love with fish, but this is okay for me. But for my dad, it's super duper nice. Until he....order two dishes and i think he finished one of it.

Then, my taufu. Yes, mine. Hehe. I like the way how they cooked it. I went they actually not really because of their fish but taufu. It looked like "watt dan hor" izit? I try to cook like this way but you know FAILED. ;(
my favorit taufu.
Lastly, my favorite vegetable -KANGKUNG!!! I am addicted to this. I like their belacan kangkung. I can finish all of it and will asked for another dishes if i could. Fyi, you can make your order for one time only as NO ADD ON allowed after they serve you the dishes. Actually all their vegetable is nice, i think its link to the way they cook. Although it is abit oily, but i like, who care?

I will go again although i'm not satisfy with the environment. Why? Because I LIKE!!! :)

No la,  because its TASTE GOOD !
 Yay, this is what i like & i want, my requirement is not high, not necessary must dinner in high class restaurant with expensive foods and romantic feels as long as its taste nice, i'm okay with it. However , i have my limit too. The environment can't be too dirty, right?

If you happen to know this place, give it a try! Really not bad. :D Have grandma's feels.