Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Haha, don't be so surprise that i went to gym. And don't slap yourself, you are not dreaming!!! :DD

This picture was taken on monday. If you followed my instagram, i bet you saw this picture. Oh, let me introduce the girl in the picture - Jocelyn Lai. She is my colleges and younger than me. Now, she is my gym-mate too.

Recently, we went to gym quite often. She is the one who truly want to exercise but i..... not like i am not going there to exercise just to take picture. I exercise too just i have reason behind it. Okay, one of it is i am too fat la. :( But the main reason is i have to wait people to fetch me. So, why don't take time to exercise instead of wasting it. Hor?

I think its a good move. If not i will not exercise even you give me money. I am a lazy lazy lazy person who lazy to move. Haha. I hates to sweat. ;) So, i am not sure how long i can hold on. 

Shall see when am i going to give up. You know lo, i don't like to exercise. I have my limit too. Please let me slim, so i can stop exercise!!! Haha, i miss my weight 4 years back. lol.

Let's go to sleep. Dreaming is faster. Good night. :)

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