Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Convocation

If you read my blog, still remember i have attended my friend convocation in march?
and i said soon will be my turn right.
24 August 2013 is my convocation day!!!
It mean i'm graduated from university.
I'm not a little girl anymore.  
I'm gonna step in a new stage of my life.
 Me in convo attire.
 All the picture that took on my convo day is super fat. 
Can you see my face? Round shape :(
But still i post it up because it is a memorable day.
Once in a life time.

 First of all, thanks my family members for attending my convo. :D
Secondly, thanks this fatty for attending my convo. :D

 Thirdly, thanks keluargaku yang disayangi for attending my convo. :D
From left: WanOoi, Leong, Baba  
Thanks for all the flower, bear, present. Like it muchie. :)))
 And this post is full of picture...
If you are my friend in facebook, you will notice i already uploaded in fb.
The different is in my blog. I have some caption. 
 You can ignore this post. Haha.
 My FYPmates. From left : Jack, Benny,Yoong Jen. 
another group members which not in this picha: SoonKen
Below are my friends since foundation.
Sam Kar Hong aka Baba
Chen Xian aka Ah bi
Suet Yee aka Ah yee & Elene
Ah Lee
Thanks for taking picture with me.
And below are my friend i knew them when i'm in degree.
Hui Fen
 Stephy Lim
 Elyzeer Lee
 David Leong
Leon Phua aka boom king
Appreciate that i have a chance to study in university.
Nice to meet all of you in university. :DDD 
 Lastly, My favorite picture!!!

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