Saturday, August 31, 2013

Matt & Leong & Baba Convocation

23 August 2013 was Matt & Leong Convocation.

 friendly, helpful, lovely Leong.
Congratulation!!! :DDD
Leong & Matt. 
For me their smile is abit weird. Haha.
But this is the only picture i have with both of you take picture together.
 Mama & Leong
 Mama & Matt

And 25 August 2013 was Baba's Convocation.
My housemate & roomate for > 3 years.
I'm sorry, I came late. Hehe.
So here is me & baba.
Congrats baba! 
Not to forget the picture for 3 of us.
But we are always 4 include of mama. :D
I appreciate to have all of you in my life.
Keep in touch yo.

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