Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fight till the end

It's exam period now. I have done one paper yesterday. Oh, finally. I'm nearer to holiday. :) you can't imagine how stressful I feel . One of the reason is that this is my final semester, all the subjects are important to ensure that i can graduate on time. Lol. Then, this semester I have 3 subject are involved calculation. This mean that I can't memorize all and vomit all out during exam. Calculation subject is always full of uncertainty. I am happy for one calculation paper done, although I can't balance some and can't do some. At least, I tried my best to solve it during the 3 hours exam.

That's all for my first paper. Lets not too relax after my first paper. Fight with those subjects that left. Alright?

Everyone please wish me good luck. Thank you.

Till then

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