Saturday, March 16, 2013


16 March 2013, i attended LIM WAN OOI's CONVOCATION!!! 

Spot her? From left: Baba, Mama(Lim Wan Ooi), Me and Leong. 

From primary school, secondary school and now university. Every stages of her life, i have participated in it. I am so proud of her! Finally, She is graduated! Wishing her all the best in future! (:

Saw many people graduated and everyone with a smile on their faces. Everyone is busy taking photo with their family members, bestie, lecturer and others. I was thinking what's the feeling of graduated from university. Is there any different between graduate from primary school and secondary school? Maybe i could feels it few months later as i am graduate soon.
 Memories flash back. Mix feeling i have. Away from home, our life in UTAR for almost 4 years. Was thinking I will miss this place so much after i graduate. I will miss every single thing and people that participate in my life during this 4 years. I appreciated them no matter good or bad. This is my own experience and history.

I am happy we are still together, after so many years. A nice gathering with them, my lovely family members in Kampar. Even though we may not always be together, yet I still care all of them. I still want to know their latest news. I feels great to have them in my life. I love you all! *shy*


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