Thursday, November 29, 2012

I know myself

There are lots of moments around me and i think i should blog about it. However, due to my laziness, i failed to update my blog. I do wish in one day, i could take photo of every meaningful moments and blog about it, then years later, i read what i have gone through-my life. Or i could write what i feels, feelings that deep inside my heart. 

Yo, so forget my laziness, i am having internship in KL, a dangerous place. Everyone seems to be bad in my eyes, exclude those i knew them. I feels insecure. I being here for almost 2 months, every single thing is okay for now, except accommodation. I HATE to live in this place. 

I'm in dilemma situation. I wish to go back to campus life, yet i guess i gonna miss here. I have friends here, my colleagues. I am glad that they being nice to me, SUPER. Yes, I am lucky, I know, I always is. Working is not bad, just why must have fixed working hours? and why manager must sit behind us? Campus life has much freedom. I don't wish being observing by people, allthetime, it doesn't mean i like being ignore by others. If you get me, good, can't? that's it. I'm not good in explaining.

Next semester, my friend will not be there. I have used to it, you were there, in the house. The first day since i am there, you are there to take care of me. I miss you, mama. Friendship never end, right? We know each other since primary school, gone through so many years, like old old friends.:) Do take care yourself.

 Lots of feelings that could not be written out. Words can't describe it. 

Till then.


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