Friday, May 25, 2012


Hello, hi. 
It has been long time since my last update due to my  laziness.
Life as usual, have some ups and downs.
Appreciate everything around me and believe what happens are for a reason.
Last semester, all the subjects wasn't easy so i have been suffered a lots during the semester.
Especially for Audit Practice, as i don't like audit subjects. When i saw the question paper, i was like, Wah, application and all questions have study cases. *pengsan* Luckily, the grade wasn't that bad yet not too good. hmmm.
However, i have gone through all the hardest time.
I went to Bangkok during the semester break. *wink*
2 weeks holidays are not enough for me. :(
Next weeks, the new semester begins, aww. I'm officially Y3 student. How fast.
Wish everything going smoothly.

Till then.