Saturday, September 3, 2011


Out of sudden, i feels stress.
arise from study.
final coming soon as usual for every sem. :(
the most suffer time in recent years.
i feels stress because i am not good in memories.
i can't recall what is in company law which make down right now.
what should i do?
tonight don't really have output as i am there to waste time.
it can't go in my brain.
what's the point we study just for final exam?
after that we will not remember a single things.
lecturer know. everyone know.
yet still the education is like that.
even we study right now and go out to work.
a lecturer said : it's totally different from what we study.
then what's the point?
yes! it's a paper.
which we use 36K and suffer alot to get it.
it purpose is to let others judge you with this paper.
i wonder is it so important that without this paper we would die?
then why there are still lots of people without this paper still alive.
maybe with this paper we can get better job and live more comfortable.
i know. actually i know.
just.....i want to COMPLAIN. -.-

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