Thursday, September 15, 2011

Help wanted

i should be very happy after done my so called 3 consecutive paper.
and officially left 2 paper to go on.
the scariest paper which is AUDITING.
(actually all paper i also scare)
make i am still awake right now.
yesterday night was a wasted night.
i did nothing for it and thus i choose to sleep early.
after 2 hours i feels so guilty and i can't continue sleep.
that's why i am here.
i feels like i didn't study and shouldn't have the right to rest.
haih. yet i am so tired.
that 2 hours i am there just dreaming. :(
so i decided to wake up.
i feels so stress! how?
yet another paper is AFA.
final exam please end. if not it will drive me crazy.
especially accounting.
wish me good luck.

-everyone agree at home can't study, don't you? don't use your way to judge me.-

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