Friday, July 8, 2011

When four of us together...

i should update this on monday.
but due to the slow internet speed.
i have no choice and wait until now only update.
that day : 30 June 2011
first of all,
TA DA~~~~ four of us. my beloved friends & family. (:
our profile picture in Facebook. hees.

We go to eat dinner by walking. lucky that day was so windy.
it's not bad to have a walk.
on the way , photographer : my love, LQ. :P
that's why only got three of us.

after walk to many places. finally.
we have decided to eat at Malay Stall.
Kangkung really tasty. miss it.
that fish i think it taste weird because of the sauce.
since it is near to mcd.
so, ice cream!

my mama and baba. (:

one the way back to hostel.
we bought durian.
she is choosing which durian is better. :P



Arrived hostel.
buka durian lo. photographer : chan ba ba.

After open it.

i ate few "bao" only. chan baba, not "yi tiao" ah. :/
and so snap photos is a must. hees.
three of us with durian. l0l.

mama & me

love & me

baba & Me


side kick. AHAHA.

Culture. After eat durian.
we have to drink salt water.

and use it to wash your hand.

Lastly. ♥♥♥
i am glad that i have them in my life.
caring. happy. fun. noisy.
i appreciate them.

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