Monday, July 11, 2011

I can't live without...

I can't live without....
water. electric.

I guess everyone same with me lo hor.
last Sunday, i was lying on bed and watching drama.
i feels very comfortable. of cause with my beloved air con.
suddenly, no electric supply.
i was like drop from the heaven to hell.
that's why i can't without electricity.
without it i can't do anything even eat and bath.
too dark is the problem and the main point is too hot.
i really scare of hotness.
and so today our group go out to take video.
under the sun, i feels like i am ice cream.
and melting. sweat non stop.
it has been long time i didn't sweat much.
i don't like sweating. i feels dirty.
somehow, after sweating. i think it is more healthy. ><
conflict occur.
the consequence of sweating is lack of water in my body.
i was craving for water for the whole day.
i always feels thirsty.
and so i can't live without water too.
i am glad that i have water and electricity in my live. l0l

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