Wednesday, July 13, 2011

B v S

Start week 7 with busy and stress.
actually i have 1 presentation and 1 mid term this week.
guess mid term already cancel.
have to confirm later.
i don't know how to study law. :(
i was so so stress.
yet i am still lazy.
congrats me la.
i really don't hope week 8 come lo.
3 mid term? 1 presentation? 1 softskill?
i gonna die hard hard.
monday till friday non stop.
ah, i forgot. still got law's assignment haven done!
you think i am superwoman?
life still continue.............................


Anonymous said...

hmmm.... I think your grammar was a little off there...

Ye Mei said...

grammar mistake? yeah, my english really suck. feel free to correct my mistake. (: thanks.