Saturday, June 25, 2011


Harlo. how are you my friends? anyone still reading my blog? l0l. it has been some time i didn't update my blog. most probably is because i have no idea what to update. so now i gonna introduce you guy a song -- 好的事情 by 严爵。i guess everyone knew this song as it is quite popular hor.

Alright, recently i am addicted to this song. whenever i listen song from my laptop. this is the song that replay and replay which till now i still not yet weary about it. but guess soon i will. X)
listen it 0K?

One day which i forgot which day. after i woke up, i realize my eyes feels uncomfortable. guess what? this is the very first time, i forgot to remove contact lens before i sleep until next day morning. the consequence is i wear spectacles for almost one week. ;( maybe i can wear back contact lens in next week? rest for one week enough ler gua? ><

Seriously like to read people blog about their feeling and vacation. (: