Friday, May 13, 2011

Start of new chapter

Degree Year 1 officially ended and so it mean another new start. Right now, i am having semester break for 2 weeks. I think it is the shortest semester break since i study foundation till now.Thanks for some lovely friend that help me throughout this semester. Appreciate it much.

Somehow people are selfish. They don't want to help but i do understand that they don't have the responsibility to help. I don't blame them. When you don't want to help people, do you think they will help you when you need their help? yes? no?Think on your own. (:

Throw all the notes. Throw all the stress. It's time for me to relax. I may not have so much activity as other but still i loves the feeling of peace. No up and down. Lie down on sofa and watch drama or movie also feeling great.

Happy holiday! Hope to get good result. (:

Perhaps i don't show how much i care my friends but it doesn't mean i don't care.

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