Thursday, May 26, 2011

My way

although i have nothing to do during semester break but still i don't want so fast back to campus. Final exam also 3 weeks why holidays only got 2 weeks? not fair. about 2 and half days. =( countdown-ing. now i already used to no stress, relax, lazy, doing nothing and bla bla bla. how can you so cruel and want me back to busy life? T.T

Move on! Move on! ---no matter how am i not willing to study yet still need to face the reality. IF YOU DON'T STUDY, WHAT CAN YOU DO?! work with low pay and with lots of work? No. i don't want. i bet no one want. no choice lo.

Degree Year 2 Sem 1 is waiting me. it will be a tough semester. law again. with no mr. prem. how ah? And other accounting subjects. AWW. why i choose accounting course?! actually right now i more prefers economics. ><

yesterday, result released. SUPER NERVOUS until i didn't sleep well. fu~~~~~english really not my cup of tea. =P

next semester gambateh, Ooi Ye Mei. (:

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