Thursday, February 10, 2011


My mother. sister and two little cute cousin.
can you see their cheek is in red color?
they are back to Malaysia for the celebration of cny. (:
they are so clever y
et talkative.
although they looked a
bit shy at first.
it's normal because they had been l
ong time didn't come back.
i bet they sure very handsome in future. LOL

Jenny, The sister of the little cute cousin.
still remember i saw her since she is a baby girl.
she will followed my mother to fetch me back from school.
i am very happy.
because i can play with her.
you can't imagine how cute she is when she is a baby girl. (:

Well. i gonna see them in few years later?
don't know when they are going back to Malaysia again.
I'll miss them.


Chinese New Year's holiday ended.
This semester full of holidayssssss.
week 4 right now.
but i just feels that didn't study anything. :S
holiday mood is still ON ON ON.
how i gonna take exam for this semester?
2 weeks later is mid term test. =(
siao liao siao liao.

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