Thursday, January 13, 2011



i really hates to think title for every post of mine. ><
i went to KL for 1 day met with Chan BaBa.
she become thin but i...speechless...become fatty. =(
go to shopping.
Thanks her accompany me walk there and there.
i have problem in choosing which to buy.
i always like to have people beside me to give me advice. (:
have a nice day with her..
next time i want to overnight at her princess's room.

at the same day.
when i back to my home.
my dekstop, modem and other was damaged.
because of thunder.
without internet connection during holiday is really bored.
i miss HK drama. =(
luckily.. now i can online dy.

next sem gonna start soon.
need to work hard dy.
after holiday.
i become very lazy..

CHINESE NEW YEAR also coming soon.
so fast.
angpao angpao mari........ (:
hope can have a great cny.

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