Sunday, December 26, 2010


Okay, i went to HatYai, Thailand.
At first, we headed to Penang meet with all my relatives.
The day after we drive car go to HatYai.
In total 5 cars go together.
Aww. long journey.
I really hates sit in car for few hourssss..
Er. I quite regret didn't follow cousin go to watch sexy show. :S
headache and sore throat.

Causes: tom yam's taste so spicy.
I wonder is it getting older so can't sleep well in other places.
walk there and there.
it's quite tired.

but i am happy. (:
Now back to normal- boring. ><
anyway, must "sleep till full" to charge back energy.
Happy Holiday.

m ore photos i uploaded at my facebook.

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