Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A letter to brain

Dear brain,
How are you? I think you are not in a good condition.
So sorry to you because my final examination is coming soon.
I use you too frequently in wasting time other than study make you can't rest well.
I will give you holiday real soon.
So can you please coordinate with me first?
Can you please inform your best friend which is heart to listen to me?
ask her don't attract with other things except of study?
And can you don't send message to your other friends which is body that you are tired make them always want fall asleep?
Can you?
Whenever you giving time to rest.
Can you appreciate and really have rest?
Don't be too active in dreaming.
Can you do all this?
Please......Your cooperation is appreciate.

Your dearest


QueenP said...

I like this post of yours!

MeiMei said...

Thanks. (:
i'm crazy dy come out with this post.