Friday, October 29, 2010

almost another new week

Say yeah, today is Saturday which is also my last day got class in this week. This would be the same for the following weeks. Last weekend, I was so worried that what is going to happen in this week. I have to give my assignment part to my leader, presentation, Japanese quiz 1 and so on. And, finally, i done all those stuff except for Japanese quiz 1. Few hours later, it will come and Buddha bless me not to write wrong. I did practice. Believe me. *Say thanks to who that help me a lots* I bet you know who you are. ;)

Life is still going on. This semester is a busy one because it is SHORT! seriously, dislike! I don't like the feeling of rush? Oh, maybe. In this semester, i have a lots of presentation. I guess my friends will know that i feels so nervous, right? Ya. I don't know why i still feels nervous since foundation till now i have present many times. Wonder and wonder. And i found a reason. I don't like to speak in front of many peoples. It's so weird! This semester Pendidikan Moral have to present in lecture class. Ohno, i gonna die. Choi.

i don't know whether i choose the wrong timetable. i feels tired every day. And don't like Saturday class. No one like? Comfort myself and said: "Just 7 weeks, be patient!".

Sometime alone will feels lonely but this also a chance to let a person to think.

till then.


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