Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Give me a reason

Can you see my panda eyes?
outcome for final exam. ):

Yo, guess what? MP, FAF I, and QT I are done, finally. Time flies. I still left two papers to go, Micro and FIM. I have test continuously 3 days and now finally i have one day for break. I am really tired for all this stuff and i make a conclusion for it. Hard work will lead to disappointed.

I seriously very disappointed for FAF I. Before the exam, i was like have some confident. During the exam, my confident decrease till none. The paper is very hard to score because the question is so difficult. Now i just pray for a past rather than better grade. This is the first time i saw disposal in income statement. I have no idea why they give us such easy tutorial question for income statement. In final paper, they give us such difficult question. Why? It's because i am not well prepared? Compare to last time, i really put more effort on it. But it make me more disappointed compare to last time. I used a lots of time in this question end up with i don't have enough time for others. Ish. My time management seriously bad.

Now i am still awake because i want to revise for my micro. See. I am not studying but blogging. I don't know why today i have no mood to study. I am tired because of the last three paper? Anyway, i will try to start after this. Wish me good luck for my last two paper. Genting, wait me. I will come soon. (:

Till then.

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