Thursday, September 30, 2010

anything in my mind

Today, i have strong feeling to update my blog. As you all know, now i am having holiday. I always complain that very boring and nothing to do. So, some of my friends will just give me some suggestion such as go shopping, watch movie and etc. Holiday are use to do this kind of activity. Or else they will suggest me go to work so that i can earn some pocket money. Yeah, i wish to work too. If i can work, this holiday i will have a job for two weeks with them. In this situation, i am not allowed to work. Mostly because my parent not allowed due to my weak body. They said me can't handle it and will be very tired. why don't stay at home and enjoy the holiday. So, in the end, I still stay at home. For your information, i never try to work at outside. Anyway, i will have chance later, 3 years later. 2 weeks 3 days to go, new semester will begin. Before that, i should worry for my result. Hopefully, the result is satisfy for me.

You are such an evil.
Whenever i need you, you will never come and vice verse.

I feels so free and it is truth. So, I visit other people's blog. I like to read peoples' blog. They blog about their life and what happening around them. In other way, i like to read story. They write their story in their blog. When you see this, do you have blog? Drop me your link, thanks! I have two weeks to read it. Of cause, semester begin i will continue to read if i could have internet connection.

My English Language is poor no matter speaking or writing. Oh My Buddha. How am i going to take Muet Exam huh? Sometimes, i wish i am "banana" then i will be good in speaking English. At least better than now. Then, anyone want to teach me English grammar? Why English is so important? Why not Chinese? I know Chinese better compare to English.

Till then.


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