Friday, August 27, 2010

home sweet home

home sweet home♥
less than a week, i back to my home again. :)
i will be back to kampar this sunday due to monday's 8am class.
see how hardworking am i choose not to skip class?LOL
but it will be boring wan.
seriously,i hates 8 am class so much. no one will like it i bet.
how could people concentrate in this early morning huh?
because of this i found myself can't work in future. HAHA.
if everyday need to wake up in early morning, how could i survive?

okay, it's almost end of this long semester.
as usual final will coming as soon as few weeks later.
and again i have 3 subject continuously. shit.
but just better than last two semester all subject continuously.
i still that free to watch drama and doing nothing.awww.
hope i can start as soon as possible. :) it's only a hope !
i became a lazy bum for last two weeks.

every semester, we need to arrange our timetable for next semester excluded semester one.
so next week i need to fight for the so called wonderful time.
we can wake up late to campus with full energy. heee.
our accounting course students will be last badge.
we just can choose what is left.
even we already arrange timetable that we want.
very unfair, isn't ?
saya telah membuat keputusan ponteng kelas jumaat yang saya ingin menghadiri demi merebut jadual yang paling bagus.!
i really want to attend mp tutorial and lecture. it's so important loh.
but what to do? the bitch always block our line. tsk.
pray hard that i can get what i want with my friends. *muka amitaba*

till then.
good luck to me. ♥

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Jonizal said...

nice, good job
check this out i has catz ;D