Saturday, July 17, 2010


long time didn't update already. i just don't know how to start it. anyway, just a random post here.

sometime it's hard to show how you feel to other. even can't find a word to express the feeling. it's super super suffer. but you know you have to adapt to it. no one can change the consequences. history happen again and again but just feels so helpless to solve it.

people like to hide those bad feeling. show other you live in good condition for the reason don't want other worry about you. try to make yourself looked as strong as possible. sometime i did the same thing. i told myself : "i'm strong enough!". i have to be. must be.

mid term test coming one by one. it's okay for one week one subject. but gosh next week i got 2 subject together. stress because i am lazy.:( even worst for week 10.tsk. why study must have exam huh?

i wish i can disappear form here forever.i did say i like simple. i want to be simple. but so bad. right now i feels myself complicated. i failed?



Amarnath Pallath said...

It takes only 7 muscles to smile and 67 to frown .... Y Waste energy?

Lijington said...

you'll be alright...just focus on the present and things ahead wont be so hard