Saturday, June 26, 2010

I ♥

I my family.
they will always be there for me no matter how. they treat me super good. my sister let me bully. more accurate should be i play with her. Haha. i'm evil but i love them. don't bully them only i can.! :) my daddy and mommy always fetch me home from kampar. she cooked laksa because i like to eat. Hee.

I keluargaku.
i have baba. mama. adik. in kampar. they are my keluarga. they treat me good. my baba and mama can cook well. my baba can sing well. my mama like to sleep and sleep. Haha. my adik help us kill cockroach. she like sport? jog? badminton? lols. they are just so cute. :)

I myself.
you may see different me if you know me well. i can be so quiet yet i can be so noisy. depends. how you treat me will be the same i treat you.

I my baobei.
always accompany me since i am small. i love it so much. i rely on it. i love all my baobei.

I my friends.
i just love those that is truth friend for me. i will not mention who. how you treat people you know, right? if you did not treat people good. what you expect from others? i just feels thankful that i have you(s). you(s)'re part of my life.

I simple.
as usual. i don't like complicated. i wish to have simple life. don't let me face complicated things. i will choose run away instead of face it.

I unique things.
yeah. i like unique. you like it does not mean i like it too and vice verse. get it? only you understand me will know which i like or don't.

I sleep.
huhu. the best way to run away from pressure. the best way to relax. the best activity to do while nothing to do. i love it.

till then.

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