Friday, May 7, 2010

Something wrong?

these few days i was complain about the weather is so hot. after bath a while. sweat again. the weather just can let me want to be crazy. why don't open air con? ello. i sure got open la but not for 24 hours mar. nowadays electric bill expensive leh. i also hope can open 24 hours air con and enjoy. but can not. :( you know? finally today i felt cold. something wrong on me? i guess. this kind of weather how to survive? i just can't stand for too hot either too cold. but i already survived for 19 years. miracle.

hmmm. now feeling not well. it's sign of sick? argh. please, i don't want la. i feels headache now. my mood totally down. i hope can faint then feel nothing. the most important is my backbone. it make me suffer again today. suffering.

it seem didn't have a night i can sleep well. anyone can tell me why? cham.

everything will be alright soon.
the only way smile. :)
till then.

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