Friday, May 21, 2010


Ahaa. i changed my blog layout. not bad right? Say yes ! :)


19/05/2010, Wednesday

i back to my secondary school, AMC. i am not as other going with their friends. i go there alone. i didn't find any teacher or walking around the school compound because my parent are waiting me outside. This is also because the only teacher i want to find not teaching at there anymore. i straight away go to office to take my cert. it seem spm cert is needed for apply PTPTN loan.

after all, i still miss the time while i was in secondary school. the people. the building. the field. the foods : burger and laksa. all these accompany me for 5 years in my secondary school life. 5 years not a short time. i am glad that my parent let me study there. :) life still going on. i need to step forward to another stage of my life. however. those memory will always keep inside my heart.


am i greedy? i can't answer myself for this question. i post it on facebook. some say yes and some say no. no any measurement to measure how greedy are you. maybe for you, you think you are not. but for others. it could be a yes. and vice verse.


ohyaa. this sunday i will be back to kampar. see you guys soon. :)

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