Saturday, May 29, 2010

Life is complicated

Life is complicated. i strongly agree. you want to live in this world. you have to work hard on it. don't do what you like. do what you need to. this is what my parent told me. but many people like to do what he/she like which don't think the consequences. can you be mature abit? when you need to do what please do think more. this is for you. maybe you won't see this.


tomorrow will going back to kampar again. will meet with keluargaku again. :) degree life will start soon. i hope everything goes smoothly. but now everything seem so confused. i don't know what is my tutorial class because i not yet pay the fee. UTAR's rules : not yet paid money will not know timetable. how smart? Grrrr. they smart but make us in trouble.

i wonder what kind of people will i meet. i think too much. HAHA. i know this sem all subject are very hard. people ask me why you not yet study already say hard. trust me. really hard for me. i tell myself must study hard. i hope i can do it but i know myself well. lazy people. can i do it?

before start this. i have many things to write. but now those words don't know go where already. stop here. till then.

thank you for the planing. :)

˙ʇou ǝɹɐ noʎ

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