Friday, April 2, 2010

I am tired

I am tired.
mentally and physically.
searching a way for me to release burden.
everything seem so heavy for me.
especially in study.

don't know what happened.
both of my mid term test.
not really satisfy with it.
theory nothing to say.
but even calculation.
i have no idea. :'(

listening what my friends discuss.
find out more and more.
i am wrong.
suddenly think of revision is no use.
finish the lecture notes that involved.
no use.

this sem.
both the subject. haiz.
especially cost accounting.
don't understand single thing that lecturer said.
i hate she asked :"anyone KO?".
and then answers by herself. swt.
maybe because i didn't pay attention gua.
i know i should but i can't control.
finance i still can listen abit.
but for cost accounting.
No. No. No. and only No.
anyone willing to teach me?

work hard, please !
Ooi Ye Mei !
don't make yourself regret.!

1 comment:

Zazzers said...

Do not forget to breathe.

Take even five minutes a day just to breathe. It feels good, trust me. Sounds like you got a lot going on! Hope this helps!

:D Za