Friday, March 12, 2010


i am at home right now.
feels cold after bath.
how long i didn't feel cold since i back to kampar?
at DDK is excluded.

back home i feels warm. mentally.
i can feels they care me.
i love the feeling take care by people.lols
everyone love, right?
just a small thing people do i can feels warm. :)
and i appreciate it in my heart.

cost accounting is really hard.
i don't understand what the lecturer talking about. swt.
i wonder how am i going to take accounting in degree.
until now financial management is more easy to understand. really.
someone please teach me.

sista back from ns.
the noisy wan. lols.
but out of sudden.
i like her noisy sound.
welcome back , APPLE OOI.

i am fear.
the feeling of unsecure appear.

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