Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A night

i know very well
this test's result will be the worst wan
i revise the lecture notes already
but i still no idea what the question asked about
i fear when i saw the question
i wonder can i get half of 50 marks?
i am serious wan
can i? :'(

what ah gong said come true
that's the reason i say hate you
i don't know how to do
and both of my pen no ink
looking around and felt helpless
time left almost 5 minutes
i manage to do till the second last

since time up and my pen no ink
no choice
i cannot finish the remain question
walk out from the lecture class
saw no one that i familiar
felt cold

even i do
but in the end i just knew my answers was wrong
so sad
maybe i should think
at least i have try?

i very scare. really.
no mood! :(
anyway i just used to forget about it first
i will face it when the time i need to
that is when the lecturer give back my paper

after all
walk out with berry for our dinner
hungry after fight for the 1 hour
at first i feel not bad to have a walk
end up with i felt cold again
because it's raining

the song play in mind
again and again
everytime when it is raining
the lyric is just so suitable

it's time to rest after this and that

* i wrote this last night. and it should be post last night too.
you all should know what problem
my line is kacau by people already
i go up restart and restart the modem
but it just can tahan for almost 3 mintues
disconnect again ! the people semakin geng !
so i just give up and go to bed

thank you.
but i blur about it.
explanation is needed.

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