Saturday, March 27, 2010


what happened to my friends?
i can feels they are not happy but yet still need to pretend.
maybe myself is one of them.
but i used to believe.
smile is the only way and believe everything will be better soon.
cheer up, gals and guys. :)

it's just so true.
i am glad that.
i have daddy.mommy.sista and brota.that care for me.
when i need help.
you all are always there for me.

sometime we may argue.
but we used to forget about it after a while.
because we still care each other.
sometime i just so
but you all just inclusive.
thank you so much. ♥♥♥
i just want to say.
i will also be there if you all need me.

i also glad that.
i have friends to rely on when i need.
even i have friends that just like family.
i can feels the care from them.really.
thank you so much.

i think.
i am not a good friends for you all.
but you all are good friends to me♥♥♥
sometime i may not aware of what happened to you(s).
but please if you(s) have anything .
need someone else .
please do think of me.
i will always available.
it just like when i need.
you all are available for me.

maybe i am not able to comfort you.
i am stupid. i admit.
but i can just be the rubbish bin.
listen to you.
and give a hug to you.

a day without a smile is a wasted.
don't waste any day of yours.
as i try my best.
do not waste any day of mine.
let's smile together. :D

*appreciate what you have now. don't make yourself regret. if you care. then never let go.

Thank You.Again.


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