Monday, March 1, 2010

another day

new day.
stop blur blur and pay more attention.
but can i?

i really need additional fan for my room.
thank you for ooi2 punya fan last night.
it do make me feels better.
we use 2 additional fan. lols.
one big one small.

woke up in the morning.
doing nothing and waiting for class.
facebook still can't go in. ish.
so here i am to blog. lols.
why my housemate can but i can't?
and why just facebook?

hungry right now.
but then still decide to wait.
after the first tutorial class only take my breakfast plus lunch.

attend tutorial class for cost accounting.
not really know what's going on.
and oh no.
assignment same group with the guy that uhmm. :/
but no choice lah.

DDK2 since when become so cold har?
almost become ice- cream inside.
really cold.
dat time really hope have a warm place to hide. lols.

think that tml will be bored.
because just have 1 class.
any activity?

i don't like to be alone.
you know?

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Wong CK said...

try to use other browser to open facebook lo...