Tuesday, February 23, 2010


i view back those photos that i took long time ago....
memories came out one by one.
but then i just feels wanna post this out.
why? i don't know luh.
have a look.blueh.
stop laughing!
i know this photo ugly and damn fat.
i think i must be gila siao. choose to post this.
that't me. fat. ugly.so what? lols.

boring is what i feels right now.
almost everyday facebook. pps. and msn.
weather so hot that's why i don't feels wanna go out.
today go out a while already hot till make me crazy.
i just finished watched one drama.
the ending really swt dao. yakkkkk....

result will come out on thurs.
feels scare luh.
pray hard hope can get better result.
yo yo yo
guess what.
till now still don't know my sociology assignment marks.

will going back kampar by this week.
so will meet with keluarga yang disayangi soon. *wink*

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