Sunday, February 14, 2010


finally. edited my blog. done ! :D
try my best to make it look nicer.
i am tired right now after doing this and that.
still remember last time i edit my blog was last sem break.
time flies.
again i having sem break.
too free. nothing to do. that's why.......
and my sem break during chinese new year.
how great it is? lols.
people, please don't jealous. :P

since already pass 12am.
fast dao.
now is nian chu er luh.
nian chu yi and valentine's day just passed like that.
nothing special lah.
just i got angpao. :)
foodsssss and drinksssss as well.
steamboat and steamboat.
think gain some weight. ish. :/

don't know why my eyes.
it looks so red.
i mean white space there.
in red color.
weird. hope tomorrow will recover.

__this year i didn't involve in gambling. HAHA. guai dao. :)

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