Thursday, February 11, 2010


i am back to my home for 5 days luh.
have some changes in my house.
saw many red color.
Chinese New Year mood.

my sista come back.
the devil and also the angel. depends.
she become darker compare to last time.
suddenly, my house like finally got sound.
i mean people who talk and talk.
she talk alot her NS's life.
and she keep singing malay song to me. swt.
ohno.seem so kesian to be there.
can't imagine if i am the one who now in the kem.
but what if 4 years later i need to go in?

just now out for dinner.
since she go NS long time didn't eat her's favorite food.
we go to that restaurant.
my grandfather join us too.
when arrived there. he told me, "i didn't bring
cigarette because i know you here."
i answers with smile face, "i don't believe. you sure smoke before come out."
he said,"really wan lah." okay then, i believe.
when i am there with him i rarely let him smoke.

i will say can not smoke! or just keep his cigarette.
fierce, right? yes. i am.
because i care him.

since it's not good for health.
if he is a stranger for me.
yes. you can smoke. i won't care.!
but just don't smoke in front of me. i hate that smell.
hope he can stop smoking in one day.:) take care of his health.

yeah yeah.
chinese new year nearer luh.
now even i can hear people play firecracker.
cousin and relatives are back one by one.
many foods waiting me.
but many people said i am getting fat.
am i?
please say no.

to all:
happy chinese new year. :)

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