Tuesday, February 2, 2010

As i said

As i said.
exam time i will blog frequently.
so here i am.

As usual.
i will said management paper finished.
less one paper to fight with. *wink*
management paper
-----not really know the feeling about how was it.
-----hope can get better grade
-----don't let me study you again!

neh neh neh.
tomorrow will be mass com paper.
will start study as soon as after blogging.
hope today can sleep early.
if not i am going to die.
sleep few hours in the morning and evening but night didn't sleep at all. :/

i wish.
***time RUN faster.
***i can rest for more.
***i can watch movie.
***final exam end.

although you didn't say what is happening.
but i know there is something.
just don't act you are happy, okay?
i just feels it. hope i am wrong.
find me if you wish.
remember i will always with you when you need me. :)

stop here.
gambateh luh, OOI YE MEI.

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