Sunday, January 31, 2010


tomorrow will be marketing final exam paper.
just now my parent come and find me for dinner because this week i didn't back home.
i guess that time my facial expression was really tired or what.
while waiting the foods.
my mom asked me . "what happened to you? you seem got something unhappy. izit anyone bully you?"
and i said. "no people bully me la. i just tired."
that time i was really not feeling well and headache really make me suffer.
somemore there are a lots of cats that make me feel like so geli.
i just sit there and not really speak a word.
then my mom continue asked. "then is because of why?"
i said "yesterday i sleep late final exam coming and now headache."
oh my buddha. i should not tell them i sleep late.
my mom start to tell me about the disadvantage of sleep late and give order to me that is sleep early tonight.
later, my dad also join in and talk a lots.
saying me always sleep late or what. not good. bla bla bla.
they two show out the worry face.
i just said i am okay asked them not to worry.
then she continue with "must study but your health is more important. just do your best is enough don't give yourself too much pressure. AND SLEEP EARLY!"
i will try la ,kay?

after dinner.
one the way back to hostel.
he suggest that go to drink something.
i said okay. we went to ghany. because i want to drink teh tarik (important while exam).
i know he sure not just drink ger la.
he order some foods to eat again.
i wonder why he can eat so much. :P
then my dad was suddenly asked me when my holiday start.
next week la ofcause.
he start to tell me the plan. make me so semangat ! AHAHA
and after drink teh tarik i feels a litter bit better. weird.
my dad sent me back home after this.

and now i am blogging.
so swt.
i still not finish doing revision but i still got time blogging.
gonna stop online liao. just TRY.
MARKETING. tong nei sei guo. FIGHT.
till then.

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