Tuesday, January 19, 2010


now she always wake up in the early morning.
her friends ask her.
why you so early wake up?
her answers will always be she don't know.
she hate like this.
she want to sleep till her phone alarm wake her up.
but can't.
and then she will like open laptop. facebook-ing.
but don't know want to play what. swt.
she is waiting for the time to go and go to campus.
what a boring morning.
after wake up she will feel hungry but need to wait after class eat breakfast.
sometime she already hungry till no feeling to eat.
then at campus she will like don't know what lecturer talking about.
she will feel extremely tired.

although she wake up early but she sleep early too.
this is okay, right?
but the problem is in the night she keep wake up also.
and again she don't know why.
maybe because of the weather?
ahem ahem.
kampar weather now is super hot!
she think in one day she will faint.

her enemy, cough.
they have a war.
before that she just win the war.
but seem her enemy is strong enough.
come and find her again. :/
every time her enemy find her.
she will feels kill her better.
she hate her enemy so much.
she is begging her enemy stop the war.
and go off !

she is super angry when her housemate come back from sem break.
not included ground floor's housemate.
she don't know which stupid cut off her line and make her can't online.
she wonder why have such selfish people.
now when she is online she don't know when her line will let people cut off.
hate! hate! hate!

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