Wednesday, January 20, 2010


this post should be post earlier.
last sunday, i went to KEM PLKN SEGARI visit my sista.
Ya. now she is in the Kem right now.
pity her.

my sista in her uniform while she is duty.

me and my sista.:)

my sista, my mommy and my daddy. :)

inside the KEM PLKN SEGARI

in conclusion.
i don't like the environment there.
there are super hot.
i know my brota and my sista already go in.
but please don't let me go in the KEM.
i don't know how to survive, seriously.
ALL adik-beradikku included me also kena NS.
NOT fair.!

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bendan said...

Hello^^pass by~
last year ns i also go kem segari..sometimes kem segari will have a disgusting smell from the the flour factory and the fodder factory juz beside the camp site...