Sunday, December 6, 2009

i realize

i realize.
people who the most care and love about you will always be your family members.
maybe they not show out.
but deep inside their heart.
they do.
they are the person who the most care about you.
they are the person who the most love you.
they always give the best to you.
they won't hurt you.
they always help you when you need.
they always support you.
they always forgive you when you have done something wrong.
they always give chances to you.
they always be with you when you face any problem.
they want you to be happy.
they do this not because of any intention.
just a simple reason.
because they care and love you.
believe me.

i do appreciate what my family members have done for me.
i love you.
my father. my mother. my brother. my sister.

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