Sunday, November 8, 2009

this week

i don't know what happened.
this week.

sometimes my mind will don't know go where already.
maybe thinking.
but don't know what am i thinking of.


my birthday fall on this week.

my friends celebrate birthday for me.
i felt so surprise.
thank you, my friends.
photos that took in my early's birthday celebration.

celebrate my early's birthday with them

present that they gave me. named as sao mang gei.

there are another birthday celebration actually.
with my friends from TA10.
thank you, my friends.
i felt surprise too.
but i don't have photo to post here. :(
because thye siang don't want to give me.

not to forget thank my friends.
who send me birthday wish through sms.msn.facebook and so on.

thank you, my family members.

you all rush back from penang come to find me.
just to eat dinner and celebrate birthday for me.
thank you.
don't worry for me.
i am okay.

.is there any different?.

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