Friday, October 23, 2009


know what?
till now i'm still not really like this sem actually.
i have asked myself.
"why you don't like?"
some reason came out.
but i try to ignore it and try to accept it.
because i know.
this is what i can do.
because i have no choices.
but hope soon i will enjoy as i'm in sem one.
if not i don't know i can stand till what time.
although not really like this sem.
but when i met with my friends.
some can make me feels better.
thanks you.

i notice there is some changes.
i don't like.
but no matter how.
now i used to it already.
i don't care anymore.

sometimes you know.
everyone also want every day happy.
but it seem hard.
you smile mean you're happy?
you laugh mean you're happy?
but just for some reason.
you need to be happy.
but actually you're not.


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